Invasion and Evacuation

England had been in danger of invasion twice in recent history before the Great War. Read more about the theories and what actually happened.

Neatishead – invasion and evacuation

To assisting the process of invasion and evacuation, two individuals were appointed for each locality – one to act as an Observer to report any suspicious activity or actual invasion – the other to help oversee the evacuation process. For the Neatishead area the Observer was W.J. Neave and the Special Constable W. Ling.

Constable Ling’s family discovered the Evacuation instructions (see attached document) and map (see photo below) at the bottom of a drawer! His grandson kindly allowed us to make copies for our records.

These documents and others at the Norfolk Record Office are an important part of our village heritage just as the pill boxes still visible today are examples of the physical heritage here in Norfolk.

XI District – Neatishead Lower Street Evacuation Map