When I Come Home

  • Betty and Davey on stage
    Betty and Davey on stage for the performance of 'When I come home'
As part of this project, NIBCHG with local drama group NABS (Neatishead and Barton Society) presented an original drama ‘When I come home’ and a song written by Ray Gedling (who has life-long links with the three villages) and directed by Brian Wigglesworth, on the stage of the New Victory Hall, Neatishead.

Betty and David, played by local villagers Andy and Kerrie Campbell, are sweethearts, born and brought up in a small, close knit Norfolk Broadland community. David is a sensitive and conscientious agricultural worker; Betty has a wonderful simplistic naivety with a warm and positive nature and has been protected from the harsher realities of the world. She sees David’s decision to go to war as wonderfully romantic, and she is blissfully ignorant of the barbarity of what he is subjecting himself to. Their story is told out in letters they exchange during their time apart……

The song “When I Come Home” was played as an introduction to the drama and was initially written in memory of John Horace Pestell, one of the 136 men from our three villages who went off to fight in WW1.  Horace, known locally as Jack, was one of those who returned alive – but he came home having lost an arm in the conflict. Click on the link below to listen to the song.